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Alexandros Vardaxoglou was born and raised in Athens.He graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary MedicineAristotle University of Thessaloniki and since then he works as veterinarian. He followed his passion and his ultimate love for the animals. On the winter of 2015, he faced some continuous bad incidents in pets. His sensitivity on the matter of euthanasia due to disability drove him to Pet Mobility. The urgent need to prevent these kinds of attitudes, prompted him to design and construct the first wheelchair for animals.

Pet Mobility

The Pet Mobility was created by a team of ambitious and inventive Greek veterinarians and engineers who envisioned a hopeful future for pets and they managed to produce the first custom Greek wheeled pet.


The concept of the wheelchair intends to allow paraplegic and quadriplegic animals to move at home and in their natural environment with the same comfort as able bodied animals. The animal's movement is based on healthy legs that are functional and a trolley gives the required force for the movement.


The aim of Pet Mobility is to offer in paraplegic animals the comfort of autonomous and concurrently to ensure the pet’s safety throughout the entire life on the wheelchair.


The Pet Mobility follows European standards, as well as they design pioneering engineering products that enhance the quality of life by providing innovative and beneficial solutions.
Pet’s Mobility wheelchairs are 100% made in Greece. They are built to offer safety, comfort and freedom of the movement. The wheelchairs made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the bindings are made by handy, resistant belt, which allows comfort in movement.  The wheels are ideal for all road surfaces and can lift multiple animal weights. The color is suitable for animals and varies depending on animal’s gender. The size of the main construction varies depending on the weight, the type and the tribe of the animal. The final product is able to be adjusted in case of body change (weight/height) at any time easily from the owner using simple household tools. The animal is wearing a light and breathable breastplate fabric belt which allows moving normally without feeling extra weight.

Yellow Pet Project by Pet Mobility

Pet Mobility presents for first time in Greece the Yellow Pet which is based on a global movement for Dogs (Yellow Dog), who need a little time and space to adjust to the presence of other animals or humans, in a new environment for them. The recognition process is easy and simple by all pet owners. No matter the size, shape or type of distinctive, it has to be visible. The yellow badge could be a strap, bow etc.
The Yellow Pet project aims to encourage owners of all animals on how to recognize an animal that needs special treatment and to create a safe contact, with or without the presence of the owner.
If your dog needs some space indicate it with a yellow badge. So gradually, more owners will realize that your pet needs careful approach.


Alexandros reminds us that evolution and improvement are a way of life for the whole team. The Pet Mobility continually plans and examines each possible evolution of the pet wheelchair and not only that, as he gives us the promise that soon something new is coming up.
DVM Alexandros Vardaxoglou
info AT petmobility DOT gr
TEL:  +30 6974295655


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Αλέξανδρος Βαρδαξόγλου

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info AT petmobility DOT gr


Κιν: +30 6974295655

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